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Latest information Evo Smartphone Xiaomi MixYoga Tablet 2 is equipped with front-facing stereo speakers are clear and loud, which came into their own when watching videos on YouTube or movies stored on the device. Lenovo offers a full HD resolution screen, although the screen almost as sharp as competitors like the first generation iPad Air and the Harga Xiaomi Mix Evo. Images and text look dull and pixelated. Color reproduction is also poor, which means movies and games do not look their best when played on this tablet. Viewing angles are good, if a little reflective in the bright outdoors.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 has two sets of average cameras. While the picture quality is average for tablets, the odd placement of the two cameras makes them unwieldy to use. The 8MP camera may sound impressive compared to the tablet competitors that offer a camera with less megapixels. However, the image quality of this tablet is not better than other mid-range tablets available in the market. It does not have a camera flash and poor positioning the camera means it is impossible to use as a primary shooting.